Solander is a premium supplier of wild caught tuna from both New Zealand and Fiji.

Solander commenced its Fiji fishing operations in 1982 and now has eleven long line vessels based from Suva. All Fiji vessels are individually EU approved. All exports to the USA comply with the strict US Seafood import monitoring programme (SIMP). They are certified to both EU and USFDA sanitary requirements.

Albacore and Yellow Fin supplied by Solander is MSC approved. Full traceability from catching to customer delivery is guaranteed. Blockchain authentication is available for Solander products on request.

The Suva based vessels fish by the long line method which ensures that the fish are caught in the pristine condition. This combined with short sea trips provides the freshest products possible.

All Solander vessels use the RSW (refrigerated sea water) chilling process. Fish are pre-chilled and then placed in holding tanks where the core temperature is maintained at -1 degrees Celsius for the entre voyage.
The RSW system maintains chilled fish as close to its natural environment as possible. It provides a fast and stable chilling process ensuring the freshest possible chilled product. All products are produced under the USHACCP program.

The Company is involved in cadet programs some of which involve five month training courses in New Zealand. Many of the crew have been with the company from day one ensuring Solander maintains a high standard of handling and processing.

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