Moana Pacific Fisheries Ltd
Moana Pacific Fisheries is New Zealand's largest exporter of fresh seafood live, chilled or frozen. Moana Pacific Harvests, processes and exports premium fresh seafood to the most demanding international markets. Moana Pacific was established as a long term investment in the premium fish species which inhabit New Zealand's coastal waters.

The majority shareholding in Moana Pacific is held on behalf of New Zealand's indigenous Maori population. This secures the company's future as Maoridom is actively increasing already substantial quota and other interest in the New Zealand fishing industry. Moana Pacific Fisheries is unique in its fish resource, operations, ownership and the quality of its product. We are proud of our company and its accomplishments. We selectively harvest, predominately by long line catching premium white flesh fish species from the cleanest waters in the world. We specialize in live and fresh chilled products, selectively freezing some products to suit market requirements.

We operate in many regional locations to ensure our products are quickly processed and marketed - catching and processing to suit market requirements. We provide our customers with access to the total New Zealand seafood resource both from our own extensive quota holding and from our active brokerage business handling product on behalf of the New Zealand Seafood Industry.

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