The Intersea Group
Formed in 1983, Intersea has established beyond doubt its singular role as New Zealand's foremost independent seafood exporter. We occupy a unique position in the sourcing, handling and exporting of frozen, chilled and live seafood. Our hard won reputation is mirrored by the support and trust we receive from the major production plants in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific Island Nations.

For centuries, New Zealand's remoteness in the vast southern oceans guarded against the exploit of its unique fishing reserves. Today, this natural resource is both protected and enhanced by a Quota Management System (QMS) operating within a 1.2 million square nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) extending from 25 to 55 degrees South. The harvesting, catching and processing of New Zealand Seafood is strictly regulated. Processing is restricted to government licensed plants and both at-sea and shore based facilities are regularly inspected by various government agencies. Hygiene and product specifications are stringent. Bivalve shellfish, such as clams, oysters and Magic Mussels™ are produced in full compliance with USFDA and USHACCP standards.

The groups founder and sole proprieter, Gary Monk has been involved in New Zealands fishing industry for over twenty years and is commited to upholding the companys motto: PRIDE. Personal Responsibilty In Delivering Excellence.

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