Alatini Fisheries
Alatini Fisheries was established in 1990, in Nuku'alofa, the Kingdom of Tonga. Through the expertise of Bill Holden and the business acumen of Tricia Emberson, the company has become the largest exporter of deep-water snapper from the South Pacific. Alatini is committed to producing the best quality fish available.

The trips are kept short and the vessels return to meet international markets. All fish are iki-jimied and placed in a slurry immediately after capture and then packed in ice. At dockside, the products are unloaded and transported to our processing plant. Operating under the USHACCP program, the fish are graded, sorted and packed in ice until ready for export.

Alatini Fisheries has been established as a reliable supplier of quality products with our buyers and currently export eight species of bottom fish caught from Tonga's pristine waters.

Alatini Fisheries has been instrumental in forming the Tonga Export Fisheries Association, it consists of export-orientated fishing companies who work together for the betterment of the fishing industry in Tonga. Close co-operation with the Ministry of Fisheries ensures that our resource is being properly managed and will give us positive returns for years to come.

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